LIONESS Light Ions


Bragg Peak: Dose peak at the end of the range of the charged particle beam

ESS: Energy Selection System, comprises energy degrader and beam purification bend before the beam transport system

Gantry: Structure rotating beamline allowing at least 180 degrees variation of beam directions

MeV: Kinetic Energy of protons measured in Mega elektron Volts

OAR: Organs At Risk

OIS: Oncology Information System = patient data archive and network

Photons / X-Rays, are used in conventional radiotherapy with linear accelerators

PSI: Paul Scherrer Institute in Villigen near Zurich, Switzerland

PTC: Proton Therapy Center

SOBP: Spread Out Bragg Peak = achieved by superposition of proton beams with varying energy

TCS: Therapy Control System

TPS: Treatment Planning System = computerized calculation of the dose distribution and development of treatment technique and strategy

TSS: Therapy Safety System